When Is Nose Surgery the Right Move?

The decision to undertake nose surgery is often deeply personal, particularly when your goal is to balance the nose with the remaining features on your face. However, this isn’t the only reason for rhinoplasty, the medical name for nose surgery. 

The anatomy of the nose is complex, involving bone, cartilage, and soft tissue in an arrangement that permits breathing through a warm, moist environment that serves as the first line of defense against airborne pathogens. Mouth breathing doesn’t offer these protections, so efficient air passage through the nose is important to good health. 

Alexis D. Furze MD FACS understands the importance of both breathing function and aesthetics, and his dual certification in otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery makes his practice the logical choice no matter what the reasons are for your nose surgery. Contact Dr. Furze’s team today to find out more about the benefits that rhinoplasty may offer you. 

Reasons for nose surgery

Problems or dissatisfaction with your nose come down to two factors: function or appearance. It’s also possible for a patient to have both functional and cosmetic issues with their nose. The reasons for those issues range from genetics to injury. For instance, a person might be unhappy with the appearance of the nose they were born with, or they may have suffered a broken nose that left evidence in the form of a bump or twist. 

Similarly, that injury might cause a change in the structure of the air passages of the nose, introducing breathing difficulties or increasing the chances of congestion. Another person may have breathing issues due to a deviated septum or other airway problem that dates back to their birth. 

Another type of nose surgery is revision rhinoplasty. Because of the complexity of the nose and nasal passages, people are sometimes unhappy with the results of their original surgery, or the procedure may create unexpected breathing issues. Revision surgery improves the appearance of the nose and widens compromised airways. 

Cosmetic options

Rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons addresses a range of appearance issues. These include: 

Dr. Furze may suggest other procedures in addition to your rhinoplasty. It’s common to combine nose surgery with a procedure on your chin since the final outcome depends on the balance between parts of your face. You may require a smaller change to your nose when other elements are addressed. 

Functional considerations

Efficient breathing through the nose is best for overall health. Rhinoplasty can improve airflow issues associated with many conditions, such as: 

Dr. Furze specializes in all aspects of surgery to the nose, no matter what your reason for the procedure may be. In Newport Beach, contact Alexis D. Furze MD FACS. Call the office to schedule your personal consultation now.

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