Can I Get a Brow Lift Without Surgery?

The eyes have it; they always have. Whether they’re truly the window to your soul might be debatable, but your eyes are among the first things that others notice about you. 

Your eyes can reveal much about your mood and conditions in your life. They’re multifaceted too. Eyebrows, eyelids, and surrounding muscles form a setting that provides the expressive context that others read about you every day. 

As you get older, that setting changes. Lines and wrinkles form and gravity starts to take a toll as your skin begins to lose elasticity. Your brows in particular can detract from the appearance of your eyes, adding notes of tension, concern, or irritability that you’re simply not feeling. 

Yet surgical brow lifts are invasive, and recovery is time-consuming. Is there a better way? 

Facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist Alexis D. Furze MD, FACS, often recommends chemical brow lifts for patients who want to refresh their brow line, but for which surgery is too much. 

Dr. Furze turns to Botox® Cosmetic as an easy, injectable treatment that makes a big difference in the way your eyes project. 

Frozen expression lines

Some of the problems that arise in the brow and forehead area trace back to the muscles that form expressions. In particular, the corrugator, orbicularis oculi, and procerus muscles affect the brow area. 

Normally, these muscles kick into gear automatically, shaping your face as you express a normal range of emotions or in response to environmental conditions. Whether you’re worried or squinting into the sun, your brows scrunch up and then release when the moment passes.

As you get older, expression lines can fail to release fully. Your face doesn’t return to its normal, relaxed condition. Your brow partially remains in contraction, reflecting a frown, squint, or worry regardless of how you feel. Your brow expression lines become frozen. 

Surgery-free brow lift

This is where Botox Cosmetic shines. Carefully injected into semi-contracted expression muscles, Botox blocks the action of acetylcholine, a natural neuroactive chemical that your body produces. Among its duties is to send muscle contraction messages. 

When you have a surgery-free brow lift with Botox, the expression muscles relax. Your brow relaxes along with it, returning to its usual profile and smoothing the lines on your brow, on your forehead, and between your eyes. 

You’ll see the results in mere days after your treatment, and while every patient responds differently, you can expect months of relaxed brows. 

Choosing a medical provider

Dr. Furze is a facial plastic surgery specialist, with expansive knowledge of the anatomy of your face. He insists on performing Botox treatments personally to assure you benefit from his years of experience. It’s a level of expertise beyond that which you could expect from a cosmetic spa. 

Discover your brow lift options in a personal consultation with Dr. Furze. You can schedule your visit by calling our Newport Beach, California, office at 949-389-6673 today.

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