Facial Fracture Repair


Facial Fracture Repair

Dr. Furze is extremely adept in treating all types of facial fractures by way of a customized reparative plan.

Facial Fracture Repair in Orange County

Facial fractures often occur during an accident or trauma that also causes more serious injuries. As such, facial fractures are usually first identified in the emergency room. Facial fracture repairs are not performed until any life-threatening issues are addressed and the patient is stabilized. At this point, the patient may be referred to a facial surgeon, such as Dr. Alexis Furze, for facial fracture repair.

Symptoms & Causes of Facial Fractures

Facial fractures are diagnosed when one or more of the four main bones of the face are broken. The fracture is named for the place in which it occurs – orbital fracture, jaw fracture, mid-face fracture, and nasal fracture. Dr. Furze is highly experienced in treating all types of facial fractures. The table below outlines the symptoms and common causes of the four primary types of facial fractures.


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