My Drooping Eyelids Affect My Vision: Can You Help?

My Drooping Eyelids Affect My Vision: Can You Help?

Thinning skin starts to sag as it ages, and the skin of your eyelids is some of the thinnest on your body. Eyelid surgery tightens and refreshes your eyes’ appearance, but it’s not always about cosmetics. Drooping eyelids can sometimes block parts of your vision. Functional blepharoplasty can help. 

Alexis Furze, MD, specializes in this eyelid surgery, whether you want to refresh your appearance, improve your eyesight, or both. Find out more about the benefits of blepharoplasty by consulting with our office in Newport Beach, California. 

Why eyelids droop

Your skin has three layers, each performing functions that contribute to its overall health. The middle layer, called the dermis, is home to your skin’s collagen and elastin tissues, hydrators and nourishers for the skin. 

In locations with thin skin, the collagen matrix of the dermis is thinner in comparison with thick skin, such as your back or the palms of your hands. The thin skin of the eyelids has only a narrow dermis layer, resulting in drier conditions and less elasticity. 

Gravity takes it from there, pulling eyelids down, and when it affects the upper eyelids, your field of vision can be compromised by drooping skin at the top and sides of your sight. 

Fat can collect in the lower eyelids too, contributing to a baggy, drooping appearance. While eyelid surgery can reverse these effects, lower lid issues don’t result in blocked vision. 

Functional blepharoplasty

The collection of surgical procedures and techniques that we use in blepharoplasty remove excess skin and sometimes muscle and fat tissue as well. Every surgery builds on a custom plan developed for the specific conditions of your eyelids. 

When your eyesight is compromised by sagging eyelids, your blepharoplasty is considered functional, since a primary goal is to remove the skin that’s blocking your vision. Cosmetic blepharoplasty addresses your appearance as the target of surgery. 

As a facial plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Furze keeps aesthetics in mind, regardless of the primary goal of your surgery. You come away from a functional blepharoplasty with the same alert and refreshed appearance as a patient choosing cosmetic eyelid surgery. 

What to expect

Since your eyelids naturally have folds, it’s easy for Dr. Furze to hide surgical incisions during blepharoplasty. In some cases, he can make incisions on the inside surfaces of the lids, so any signs of surgery are well hidden once the signs of the procedure subside. 

Our team goes over your recovery plan with you. Immediately after surgery, you can expect temporary effects such as blurry vision and watery eyes. Your eyelids will be puffy and may feel numb. You’ll likely feel discomfort or pain, and you may have black eyes. 

Dr. Furze prescribes medication as needed, often in the form of eyedrops. He may recommend pain medications and a schedule to keep you comfortable. Ice packs and cold compresses help to control swelling. 

Sleep in a propped up position for a few days after your procedure and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the elements when you’re outside. Avoid strenuous activities for the week following surgery. We advise you of your follow-up schedule with our office. 

Contact our Newport Beach, California, office to start the process to improve your vision with eyelid surgery. Call to schedule your consultation today.

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