Additional Testimonials


Additional Testimonials

 “Dr. Furze restored my faith in doctors."

"If you are looking for an ENT, you most likely need somebody to fix your sinuses, you struggle with breathing, you have sinus pressure and pain, and life at times can seem miserable. If you’re looking for a facial plastic surgeon, it’s most likely because you need an alteration of some kind, whether it be due to genetics, scars or an accident, formal procedures, or cosmetic. The point is if you are seeking out these specialties, you need somebody that is just that, special. Your face is your face, and you only get one. Breathing and sinus health is conducive to life, and migraine and sinus pressure relief is one of the greatest gifts."

"If this “special” doctor is what you are seeking, I personally want to assure you that you have found the exact one that you’ve been looking for. I had almost all of the above-listed problems. After years of allergy and sinus complications, previous surgery, years of migraines, and physical alterations to my nose… I was, for lack of a better word, desperate. It was a series of events that led me to stumble upon Dr. Furze’s website."

"He looked friendly, his reviews were wonderful, and for some reason, I had a peace about giving them a call and trying one last time to trust a doctor with my nose. Long story short I called, the staff is amazing, they got me in right away. I think I cried at that first visit, I just knew right away that this is where I was supposed to be."

"Dr. Furze has since performed sinus surgery and septoplasty on my nose, as well as a corrective rhinoplasty. Both surgeries went incredibly well with fantastic results and minimal post-op discomfort. I can tell you that he is a perfectionist, he cares deeply about his patients and his work, and from my experience, he has spent far more time with me then all of the other doctors combined."

"My migraines have vanished, I can breathe again, my nose looks cosmetically pleasing, and I feel like I can live life to the fullest once again. This may seem too good to be true, but for those of us that suffer from these types of sinus complications, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Dr Furze is meticulous and careful, he is comforting and kind, and he is honest."

"To say that I am thrilled to have found him would be a complete understatement. He is that special doctor that you have been searching for." -Anonymous

“Dr. Furze was very attentive and listened to all my concerns and questions. He explained everything in detail before my eyelid surgery, and I felt so comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. I had hardly any pain/bruising post-op. I would definitely recommend him for any facial plastic surgery or ENT needs.” -Kristen P.

"My father was visiting from out of state. We took him to the ER at Hoag for ear pain. They diagnosed him with a ruptured eardrum and referred him to Dr. Furze. Dr. Furze was great. He was able to fit us in his schedule, did a thorough exam, treated my dad's ear, gave a comprehensive writeup and helped us file a claim through our insurance (who has been giving us the run around on coverage). He had a great bedside manner, very efficient and knowledgeable. He took his time to be thorough and explain everything. It was an excellent experience."

"Dr. Furze went above and beyond my expectations!!! My daughter went in for a rhinoplasty with septoplasty and she had no bruising and barely any pain. I would definitely recommend Dr. Furze to my family and friends!" -Jocelyn

"Dr. Furze is easy to communicate with, and is meeting all my post-op needs. Of course, this is after a successful surgery that I fully understood and was scheduled on my terms as immediate as was needed." -Anonymous

"Awesome doctor would recommend and did already. Very passionate in helping improve patient's health." -Anonymous

"Dr. listened well and was not rushed. Gave me all the time I needed. Did not push unnecessary procedures. Great experience. Very happy with this dr and would recommend!" -Anonymous

"I had a complex set of issues to deal with in surgery and dr. furze made room in his schedule to operate immediately and brought me through it with tremendous expertise. very thankful he was the man at the sharp end through this." -Anonymous

"Dr. Furze is very good and I’d highly recommend him. He explained everything very clearly and was honest and forthright about the diagnosis and available options. Great experience!" -Anonymous

"Dr. Alexis is a pleasant young doctor who is knowledgeable and willing to take the time to answer your questions and cover all your concerns so that you feel good when you leave his office. I definitely recommend him if ever need his services." -Anonymous


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