When a deviated nasal septum is negatively affecting an individual’s health, Dr. Furze may suggest a septoplasty, to correct deviated septum to open up your nostril passages so that you are able to breath from both nostrils. During the surgery, the nasal septum is straightened and repositioned so that it lies in a more central position. The procedure can be combined with rhinoplasty to address aesthetic aspects of the nose.

Most patients with chronic nasal symptoms likely suffer from a problem with their nasal or sinus anatomy, such as a deviated septum, nasal allergies or both. Dr. Furze specializes in fixing nasal and sinus anatomical abnormalities, improving breathing issues and sinus health.

If a nasal or sinus anatomical problem is suspected Dr. Furze will potentially order additional testing which typically includes an in-office nasal and sinus endoscopic evaluation and a CT scan of the nose and sinuses. Based on the results of these exams, surgical recommendations will be made if necessary.

If a patient suffers from allergy symptoms, Dr. Furze will likely refer the patient to a medical allergy and immunology physician for evaluation and treatment.

In many cases, patients suffer from both anatomical and allergy issues and therefore require the cooperation between Dr. Furze, as the nasal/sinus surgeon, and one of his allergy colleagues to treat the symptoms more comprehensively.


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