Tips for Out-of-Town Patients

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Facial Plastic Surgery OC at Newport Beach, offers our patients exceptional care and services.  As a cosmetic surgery practice that has a reputation beyond Orange County, Dr. Alexis Furze has treated many out-of-town patients and, as a result, have compiled some tips for those who are traveling long distances to have surgery with us.

Scheduling Your Surgery

To ensure an optimal surgical experience and recuperation, it is best to schedule your surgery when you will be able to take sufficient time off of work or your normal routine.  As an out-of-town patient, you should build in time for travel, your in-person consultation and post-procedure downtime. Here are a few factors you should consider when booking a date for your surgery:

  • Your flight schedule. If you need to fly after a cosmetic surgery, you should wait a few days before boarding a flight. After a rhinoplasty, for example, temporary swelling and congestion are normal side effects. The pressure changes that occur when flying can cause serious sinus pain. Staying grounded for a few days may reduce the chances of in-flight discomfort.
  • Your pre-procedure, in-person consultation. Before your surgery, an in-person appointment is necessary to make a final assessment of your surgery and treatment plan. In addition, the appointment provides an opportunity to discuss the procedure in detail and go over any questions, including what to expect after the surgery. Ideally this in-person consultation should take place at least one day prior to your scheduled procedure.
  • Recovery time after the surgery. After your plastic surgery, you should plan to stay in the Orange County area for your initial recovery time. The amount of time recommended for your stay will depend on the type of procedure you had.

After the Surgery

After any surgical procedure, your body needs time to heal. Before you travel, you need to be sure that your recovery is progressing well and that there are no signs of complications. It is, therefore, recommended that you stay for 1-2 weeks in the Orange County area after your surgery. You may want to consider these tips:

  • Book comfortable, convenient accommodations.
  • Arrange for transportation to your hotel after surgery.
  • If possible, have somebody stay with you as you recover.
  • Stock up on any medicine and recovery aids in advance.
  • Plan your meals.

Because services are provided, a hotel stay after surgery can be relaxing. You may want to discreetly alert the staff of the hotel that you will be recovering from a medical procedure and order your meals in advance. Some facial surgeries may require you to eat soft foods for a number of days. Be sure that the hotel can accommodate special requests.

If you have any questions about traveling to our practice for surgery, please contact us for more information.

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