How to Take Care of a Sunburn


The arrival of summer means days at the beach, leisurely picnics and great hikes, and a change in wardrobe. But more time outside in shorts and t-shirts also means that larger areas of the skin are more exposed and vulnerable to damage. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to overdo it, even if you have applied sunscreen. If you see your skin is getting red, immediately find some shade or cover the skin. If you find yourself with a painful, or even mild, sunburn, follow these tips by Dr. Alexis D. Furze to help reduce the discomfort and heal your skin.

Did you know that the risk for melanoma increases greatly if you have had more than five severe, blistering sunburns, particularly if they occurred between the ages of 15 and 20? Avoiding a sunburn before it happens not prevents pain, it reduces the risk of skin cancer down the line. Read our last blog for tips on proper sun protection.

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