Spirox Latera Surgery


Spirox Latera surgery involves the insertion of an absorbable nasal implant used to support the upper and lower lateral cartilage in the nose. A patient suffering from nasal airway obstruction may be experiencing lateral wall collapse, making it difficult for them to breathe. The goal of the surgery is to provide support for the cartilage, thus reducing nasal airway obstruction. This allows patients to breathe easier and experience more comfortable sleep as a result.

What is nasal airway obstruction?

Nasal airway obstruction can occur for a number of different reasons, however the main symptom is difficulty breathing. There are several structural changes or defects in the nose that can contribute to nasal airway obstruction, however lateral wall collapse is one of the most common. When the cartilage inside the nasal wall is too weak, it may collapse inward, causing obstruction of air to the lungs. When this happens, breathing becomes extremely problematic, and patients should seek out a specialist to help them correct the issue.

Dr. Furze is double board certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and has undergone the specialized training necessary to correct both cosmetic and functional nasal issues. With over 10,000 nasal and sinus surgeries under his belt, he is a highly experienced facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. After performing a simple breathing test, Dr. Furze determines the cause of nasal airway obstruction and decides whether Spirox Latera surgery is best for the patient.

How is spirox latera surgery performed?

The surgery can be performed under either local or general anesthesia and placement of the implant takes only a few short minutes. Dr. Furze will meticulously place the absorbable implant parallel to the bridge of the nose, in a way that will support the nasal cartilages and allow for ease breathing. Dr. Furze strives to provide only the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques for his patients and Spirox Latera is no different. Patients are also able to return home and resume their normal activities immediately following surgery.

Risks and recovery

The main perks of Spirox Latera Surgery are the quick recovery time and immediate, noticeable results. Patients experience little to no pain after surgery and increased breathing capability is instant. In addition, due to the minimal surgical aspect of the procedure, there will be no cosmetic changes to the face and nose. Dr. Furze is highly revered as one of the best in nasal plastic surgery, and can provide enhanced breathing capability without altering the nose shape in any way.

The implant also dissolves in eighteen months, eliminating the need for possible removal in the future. Patients may experience mild bruising or irritation after surgery, however this will pass in a few days. Dr. Furze takes care to ensure patients experience significantly more airflow following the procedure and will provide any necessary post-treatment instructions prior to their departure.

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