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Chronic Sinusitis is considered one of the most universally suffered health conditions in America, affecting roughly one in seven adults each year. Chronic sinusitis is a condition in which the linings of the sinus cavities become inflamed, thus preventing proper drainage of the sinus passages, resulting in chronic infection and nasal congestion. At Sinus Surgery OC, board-certified head and neck surgeon Dr. Alexis Furze now offers the Propel™ dissolvable sinus implant to improve surgical results for those patients suffering from chronic sinusitis in the Newport beach area.

What is propel?

Propel is the first product of its kind delivering localized, controlled medication directly to the lining of the sinus cavity. The Propel system has been clinically proven to aid in the prevention of nasal sinus blockage after sinus surgery. It is a spring-like implant used to prop open the ethmoid sinus, delivering a steady dose of an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid directly to the sinus cavity lining as the implant dissolves. Sinus blockage can occur post-surgery due to inflammation and scarring. The use of Propel during surgery reduces the likelihood of needing additional surgery or the use of systemic steroids and helps to ensure the procedure’s results.

How does propel work?

Propel is a self-dissolving, spring-like device designed to assist in propping open the walls of the sinuses post-surgery, in order to help maintain the desired results. Once expanded, Propel delivers a steady flow of mometasone furoate, a corticosteroid that helps to inhibit swelling of the sinus’ cavity lining. As the corticosteroid works to fight inflammation, Propel additionally maintains the surgical enlargement of the sinus while minimizing scar tissue development. Because Propel is self-dissolving, there is no need to have it removed or replaced. Prime candidates for Propel are individuals suffering from nasal polyps or chronic sinusitis, as well as those who may be experiencing poor results from prior sinus surgeries.

Benefits of propel

In addition to promoting healing, the Propel implant helps to minimize or completely erase any need for additional oral corticosteroid medications. Corticosteroid pills have been found to be associated with certain health risks, especially in those individuals already taking prescription medications and for whom a drug interaction is a potential risk. One of the greatest advantages of the Propel device is its ability to provide anti-inflammatory drugs directly to the sinus cavity lining. Because inflammation is kept to a minimum following sinus surgery, discomfort, congestion, and scarring are minimized as well.

Learn more about propel with Dr. Furze

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