Nasal Reconstruction


Nasal Reconstruction

Dr. Furzeā€™s extensive proficiency in nasal surgery makes him an ideal surgeon to perform a complex variety of nasal reconstruction surgeries, from straightforward to very compound cases.

Nasal Reconstruction in Orange County

The goal of nasal reconstruction surgery is to restore the normal function and appearance of the nose. Not only is the nose a highly visible part of the face, but it is also an important part of our respiratory system and provides us with our sense of smell. As such, nasal reconstruction is a very complex surgery that requires a high level of surgical skill and experience.

Do I Need Nasal Reconstruction?

Dr. Alexis Furze most frequently performs nasal reconstruction surgery on patients who have had skin cancer removed from their nose. When skin cancer is removed, a large part of healthy tissue around the cancerous tumor is also removed as well. In some cases, large portions of the nose may be removed, requiring extensive reconstruction afterwards. Reconstruction surgery may also be necessary after certain types of nasal trauma, such as a nose injury caused by a car accident. It may also be performed to correct a nose that is malformed due to a congenital defect.

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