Facial Skin and Fat Grafting


Facial Skin and Fat Grafting

Dr. Furze is an expert in performing both reconstructive and cosmetic grafts to match the unique needs per inpidual patient case of lost facial skin.

What is Skin Grafting?

Facial skin grafting is a type of surgery that is performed to replace facial skin that has been lost due to injury, illness, or burns. During the surgery, healthy skin is removed from a different part of the body and then transplanted to replace the missing or damaged skin. Facial skin grafts may be required after a number of events. The most common reasons why someone may need a facial skin graft include:

  • Removal of a cancerous tumor and the healthy skin around it
  • Severe burns or burns covered a large portion of the face
  • Skin infections that have resulted in open wounds
  • Trauma or accident that has caused an open wound to persist

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