Will You Look Better After Cosmetic Nasal Surgery? Research Indicates You Will

Cosmetic Nasal Surgery

If you’re thinking of going through with cosmetic nasal surgery, you’re probably asking yourself whether the results are worth it. Will this form of surgery really make you look better? More importantly, will it make you feel better? Research indicates that you will both look and feel better. Here is some more information on the matter:

Is a Nose Job Worth It?

According to a recent study performed on social media, the overall satisfaction rate for primary rhinoplasty was almost 84%. Another piece of research involved evaluators grading rhinoplasty patients attractiveness before and after surgery. These cosmetic and surgery experts agreed that aesthetic rhinoplasty leads to increased facial beautification. So, in short, yes, a nose job is worth it. However, the key is to have realistic expectations and to choose a doctor who specializes in cosmetic nasal surgery.

The Aesthetic Benefits of Cosmetic Nasal Surgery

While we know that rhinoplasty is worth the expense and downtime, what are some of the aesthetic benefits of this form of surgery? Here are three of them:

1) Take care of aesthetic and medical issues

Birth defects of the nose are extremely common. They can cause low self-esteem and in some cases, breathing and sinus issues. Some of these defects can include:

Dr. Alexis Furze is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, Orange County who specializes in both rhinoplasty and functional nose procedures. Thanks to his deep understanding of nose anatomy, he can fix nasal abnormalities of all kinds.

2) Restore Facial Symmetry

Studies show that symmetrical facial features are often seen as more attractive. One of the biggest benefits of getting rhinoplasty in Newport Beach, OC with expert surgeon Dr. Furze is his ability to restore facial symmetry, helping his patients achieve their aesthetic goals. This procedure can address everything from a misshapen or crooked nose to a bulbous tip.

3) Rectify Lumps and Bumps

Cosmetic nasal surgery in Orange County can remove any lumps or bumps you may have, no matter how small they are. Whether you dislike the bridge of your nose, would like it to be smaller, or suffer from a broken nose, this procedure can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

It’s Not Just About the Visual Results!

While getting rhinoplasty in Newport Beach will help you look better, this procedure isn’t just about the visual results. A nose job can also increase your confidence. Moreover, this procedure can be tailored by Dr. Furze to treat sinus problems and sleep disruptions caused by snoring.

Why Choose Dr. Furze at Facial Plastic Surgery OC for Your Nose Job

Dr. Furze is one of very few board certified head and neck surgeons who has additional training in reconstructive facial plastic surgery. He specializes in cosmetic nasal surgery in Newport Beach, Orange County and has helped hundreds of patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Whether you have sinus issues, would like to look younger, or simply want to change the shape of your nose, contact Facial Plastic Surgery OC today to book your initial consultation.

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