What is Pillow Face?

Pillow Face

Injectable dermal filler can be an excellent alternative–or complement–to plastic surgery. When injected artfully and with care, fillers can restore volume and smooth out deep creases, giving the skin an instant natural-looking lift. However, when overdone, a filler treatment can potentially distort the face, making it appear overly plump. This effect–commonly known as pillow face–is associated with a legion of celebrities who have embraced injectable treatment. Famous or not, a puffed out face is an undesirable outcome. Fortunately, it can be avoided.

Safe and effective, dermal fillers carry few risks. Pillow face is generally the result of poor technique and over-injection. Injecting more filler does not maximize results, it diminishes them. An experienced injector will possess an excellent sense of visual balance. During a treatment, an injector should be able to accurately gauge the optimal amount of filler, as well as control its distribution as it is administered.

A skilled injector will also be familiar with a range of dermal filler products and, most importantly, be able to make the most appropriate choice based on an individual’s needs. There are many dermal fillers on the market: some contain moisture-replenishing hyaluronic acid (Restylane® and  Juvéderm®); others use substances that stimulate collagen production (Radiesse®). Within some product lines, there are formulas that have been specially designed to treat certain areas or concerns. A filler that has been optimized to give structure to hollowed-out cheeks may not be the best choice for erasing the finer lines around the mouth. To deliver the most refined outcome, it may be necessary to use several filler options during a treatment.

Dr. Alexis D. Furze, MD consistently achieves radiant results with dermal fillers. As a facial plastic surgeon, he understands the structure of skin and facial anatomy, which enables him to seamlessly correct irregularities. Whatever filler he chooses to use, he will inject only the amount needed to produce the best results. Contact Dr. Furze at his Orange County office for your facial rejuvenation consultation.

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