What A Mini Facelift Can (and Can’t) Do


The mini facelift is a minimally invasive plastic surgery procedure that addresses wrinkles and sagging skin without the scarring and side effects of a regular facelift. It has become one of the most popular procedures done by Dr. Alexis Furze at Facial Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach. If done by a board-certified surgeon such as Dr. Furze, the mini facelift can improve skin texture, define the jawline and dramatically improve your appearance.

Best Mini Face Lift in Orange County

A mini facelift involves the placement of incisions in front of the ears which extend from the hairline to the bottom of the earlobe. The surgeon will then gently pull the skin and tissues up and outward the ear. Excess skin and tissue are removed to tighten the appearance of the skin.

Training, experience and an unprecedented sense of aesthetics are a must when placing these incisions. As one of Orange County’s most celebrated surgeons, Dr. Furze has helped hundreds of patients look their best with his own version of the mini face-lift. His clients rave about how amazingly natural the results came to be after the procedure.

The mini facelift reduces the appearance of sagging skin, defines the jaw, and improves the look of wrinkles on the lower half of the face. It has the ability to give clients a younger more youthful appearance.

Benefits of a Mini Facelift | Newport Beach

The benefits of a mini facelift include minimal scarring, fewer side effects and a faster recovery period. Dr. Furze carefully makes incisions along the client’s anatomical outline for a more natural outcome. Compared to a regular facelift, a mini-facelift also poses less swelling and bruising postoperatively. Furthermore, a mini-facelift does not require the use of general anesthesia which allows clients to go home on the same day of the procedure.

The mini facelift is also considered as a conservative approach to sagging jowls and wrinkles. On its own, a mini facelift cannot address concerns on the upper part of the face such as eye bags, crow’s feet or wrinkles on the forehead. However, the good news is that the mini facelift can be combined with other procedures – just ask Dr. Furze! By choosing the right surgeon, you can make the most out of your buck!

At Facial Plastic Surgery OC, Dr. Furze’s clients are also treated to a complete perioperative experience. Clients are assisted from the moment they step into the clinic up to their very last follow-up appointment. This type of customer service is what sets Dr. Furze’s team apart from their competitors. As a world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Furze is well-versed in other plastic surgery/cosmetic procedures that can be used to improve your appearance safely and effectively. His facility in Newport Beach has become a hub for all things beauty – so make sure to book your appointment today. He and his team would be more than happy to help you achieve your best look yet.

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