Using fillers to postpone a full surgical facelift

surgical facelift

Facelift with Fillers in Orange County California
The decision have a facelift can be a hard one to make. A facelift is a surgical procedure and involves a fair amount of downtime. Fortunately, there are options for those who would like the benefits of a facelift but have busy schedules and are not ready to go under the knife. Injectable fillers are a promising option to postpone a facelift. The procedure is non-surgical and patients can remain awake during the process. A facelift performed with fillers is sometimes referred to as a “liquid lift”.

What is it used for and benefits For patients with less extensive loosening or sagging skin injections are a good alternative to a facelift because they can treat the midface with just one simple procedure. As we get older, some of the first places we start to show it is in our cheeks when they start to hollow and under our eyes when bags begin to form. These signs can be revised with fat transfer, implants, a mid facelift or filler. Fat transfer may not give the same contour as a filler, and a surgical facelift and implants require a longer period of recovery. Filler is the best option because it is low risk and results are instantaneous. When injected by an experienced and meticulous doctor, like Dr. Furze, the results look completely natural. Patients will leave the office looking rested and rejuvenated. Dr. Furze will decide which injections to use, such as Voluma or Radiesse, for each patient individually based on their needs and goals. Certain injections can even stimulate new collagen growth.

Treatment Overview The treatment itself only lasts a few minutes and is painless. Once the areas that are in need of volume are identified, Dr. Furze will then sterilize the area in preparation for the needle. He will then precisely inject the filler into the areas needed, making sure that the filler is on the bone and avoiding the skin and subconscious layer to achieve a smooth natural contour. After however much filler that is deemed necessary has been injected, the results are visible right away.

Recovery Process Being a minimally invasive and low risk procedure, the recovery process is also minimal. Patents will see the results of a youthful rejuvenated self right after the injections are finished and they hold the mirror up to their face. Patients will be able to return to work and daily life the next day with minimal restrictions. Some patients may experience minor bruising, this depends on how many injections are used and how often the skin in penetrated during the treatment.

Results Results are instant and long lasting (up to two years). With volume added to the cheeks, they will appear more full and youthful, better able to frame the eye. The elimination of bags or hollowness under the eye will result in a more alert, rested look. Results achieved with fillers can postpone a facelift or a patient can decide to keep using fillers if they so choose.

Why Choose Dr. Alexis Furze Dr. Furze is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and practices in Orange County and Newport Beach California. Treating each patient as an individual, Dr. Furze prides himself in helping each patient find their own beauty potential. Contact our office for a consultation today.

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