The Revolution of Rhinoplasty through Snapchat and Social Media


Plastic surgery has typically been a discreet affair, something to go about quietly rather than advertise. But in the age of social media, more patients are broadcasting their experiences with cosmetic surgery procedures. Today, patients are more likely to chronicle their transformations through Snapchat and other social channels, letting the public experience the process with them. Dr. Furze has seen this change with his patients in his Newport office.

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the selfie trend has had a definitive impact on the demand for facial plastic surgery. In their 2014 survey, facial plastic surgeons reported an increase in facial plastic surgery requests–most notably rhinoplasties–and cited social media as a driver.

The findings are not surprising, given social media’s focus on images. We are constantly sharing our moments, updating our profile photos, and otherwise crafting our personal brands. As a society, we have become more conscious of our appearance. Moreover, celebrity culture has exposed us to plastic surgery from an “insider’s secret” perspective, introducing the masses to the latest procedures and techniques. These behind-the-scenes revelations may take some of the mystique out of plastic surgery, making people more comfortable with the idea of having a physical modification.

Who Is Likely to Undergo Plastic Surgery Today?

The AAFPRS annual survey also provided an interesting insight into demographics. Once thought to be the domain of mature, aging women, facial plastic surgery is being considered by a more diverse population.  More individuals under 30 are willing to undergo some cosmetic enhancement. Interestingly, men are increasingly pursuing plastic surgery. The generational and gender stereotypes of who gets cosmetic work done are beginning to break down.

Teens, often insecure about their appearances, have long been likely to request a rhinoplasty. For today’s digital natives, social media has, perhaps, amplified that self-consciousness. The annual school pictures have been replaced by a constant stream of classmates’ faces.

Social media has both prompted a change in our self-perception and given us more control on how we project our own image. Although rhinoplasty is a safe procedure that refines the appearance and boosts self-confidence, it is important that the decision to undergo plastic surgery is rooted in a healthy self-esteem.

If you are interested in facial plastic surgery, contact Dr. Furze’s Newport Beach Office for a consultation to see if you’re eligible for a rhinoplasty.

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