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Telemedicine and Social Distancing

Right now, every aspect of life is seeing a dramatic change. The medical field is no different. With elective procedures and well visits suspended, there’s still the question of how to pursue areas of healthcare that won’t wait.

Along with other medical practitioners, Dr. Alexis Furze turns to telemedicine practices to cover the gaps in care caused by COVID-19. Maintaining contact with his patients is a key part of Dr. Furze’s style of care, and so he currently uses the Zoom meeting app when needed. 

The best way to book is to call 800-498-3223 or email and make arrangements with the office staff. 

Conventional telemedicine

Doctor visits take time, and it’s not just your face time with Dr. Furze. There’s your commute to and from the office as well as any waiting time due to the unpredictable nature of medical appointments. Virtual doctor visits, commonly called telemedicine or telehealth, speed the process of consultations. In current COVID-19 pandemic conditions, telemedicine preserves the social isolation needed to flatten the infection curve. 

Telemedicine practices help you receive fast, streamlined healthcare. As well as a video consultation with Dr. Furze, you can also:

This streamlined approach originally evolved to help expand medical care to people living in remote areas. Today, most hospitals employ some form of telemedicine for everyday use, and its value is essential for providing care while maintaining distances that prevent COVID-19 transmission. 

Other telemedicine benefits

It doesn’t matter how close or far you live from any doctor’s office, you know that even a routine visit involves wait times. Telehealth technology eliminates that. By connecting to Dr. Furze virtually, you can expect reduced travel time and expenses, as well as less time away from other responsibilities.

Your access to routine medical care such as prescription renewals or treatment follow-up can take place quickly and efficiently for both you and Dr. Furze. You benefit from faster access to care. At the same time, you also reduce your risk of exposure to contagious illnesses, like the common cold, flu, and COVID-19.

There are cases where physical examinations must occur, or you may not know if a certain health condition warrants an office visit. A telemedicine contact gives you the benefit of Dr. Furze’s experience when making such a decision. 

While COVID-19 lockdown measures continue, contact Dr. Furze’s office by phone or email to discuss the best way to follow up on your health.

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