Sun Protection Tips

sun protection tips

The summer is here and we all want to go outside and enjoy the bright, sunny weather. Unfortunately, too much exposure to the sun can be harmful, hence the need for proper sun protection.

Dr.  Alexis D. Furze recommends patients to follow these sun care tips all year round.

If you apply sunscreen before you put your clothes on, it not only makes it easier to apply, but it also prevents you from missing any places such as the upper arm or the neck region. It is also important to apply sunscreen on areas covered by clothing. UV rays can go through most fabrics.

It takes approximately twenty minutes before sunscreen starts taking effect. Therefore, if you apply it once you are outside, then you have already exposed yourself to the sun for twenty minutes without any protection.

Try to keep your skin covered as much as you can. Even though clothes do not filter all the ultraviolet rays, they do provide at least some degree of protection. Wearing long sleeves can help further protect your skin. Other protective items include wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses.

The time when the sun’s rays are at their strongest is generally from 10AM until 2PM. So, try going out before or after that time. Peak hours vary depending on your location. A simple search online will tell you the peak sun exposure hours for your area.

In addition to these tips, we recommend patients to reapply sunscreen every two to four hours. One of the most common mistakes people make is that they only apply sunscreen once thinking that it will last them all day. That is simply not true. Regardless of how good the sunscreen is, it breaks down in the sun.

By following these simple steps, you will decrease your chances of skin cancer. If you are curious about other ways to protect your skin or way to treat skin cancer, visit our Newport Beach office today or call us at (800) 498-3223.

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