Reconstructive Facial Surgery After an Accident

Reconstructive Facial Surgery

Facial reconstructions can result from some of the most traumatizing experiences of our lives. When we think of an accident and facial reconstruction, our first thought is usually a motor vehicle collisions. However, facial trauma or deformities can result from fights, sporting injuries, animal bites, or even simple falls when not paying attention.

The consequences of such injuries can be far-reaching, and cause functional issues, such as neural, visual, or breathing problems, or cosmetic concerns, such as deformities and the potential confidence problems that can come with such accidents.

Some of the most common areas of trauma that we see at Facial Plastic Surgery OC include the orbital bones and the brows, the ears, the nose, the cheekbones, the jaws. Facial lacerations are a common concern as well, often resulting in deep scarring and/or the severance of muscles and tendons.

What your needs are will depend entirely on what condition you have, your medical history, and when your injury took place. This list is by no means comprehensive, but here are some of the more common procedures for facial reconstruction, and what to expect.


Reconstruction of the nose, including the nasal passages, the septum, and the mucous membranes. Rhinoplasty is a fairly common procedure even in non-traumatic cases, so the procedure has well-established techniques and typically yields excellent results.

Otoplasty & Ear Reconstruction

In some extreme cases, ear avulsion may occur, where the ear is detached from the head. Sometimes the plastic surgeon will try to reattach the ear, while in other cases, an entirely new ear must be grown from rib cartilage, and then constructed from scratch before being attached to the head. This relates to the actual ear, wherein more extreme cases, the inner ear may also have to be reconstructed.


This is a complete or partial reconstruction of the eye socket and requires a large amount of preparation and recovery time. In situations like this, the brow ridges are often affected and a complete overhaul of the area may be necessary. In some situations,

Mentoplasty and Jaw Surgery

Reconstruction of the chin and jawline is less common but can be necessary when major trauma has occurred to the jawline or the lower cheek area. Typically, they is carried out by a maxillofacial surgeon, however.

Facial Reanimation Surgery

In cases where there is partial or full paralysis, the plastic surgeon will opt to reconnect severed nerves or muscles that are no longer attached properly. The main concern for the latter is to recreate the functionality of the face first and foremost, followed by the aesthetic component.

Facial Plastic Surgery OC

Dr. Alexis Furze holds board certifications as both a head and neck surgeon, as well as as in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He specializes in reconstructive facial surgery following traumatic injuries and cancer. If you have any specialized questions, we encourage you to book a consultation with us so that we may better discuss what your options are going forward, and so that we can provide you with the best healthcare.

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