Preserving Your Hairline During Facial Plastic Surgery


There are various types of facial surgeries that are performed for either cosmetic or medical reasons. For example, there are full facelifts, eyelid lifts, and mini-lifts that are mainly done for aesthetic reasons. Conversely, there are patients who undergo facial fractures corrections to rectify a deformity or paralysis among many other conditions. Both types of procedures have a risk of moving the hairline or even removing hair.

As you can imagine, each type of surgery requires different techniques and skills to accomplish. The difference between many of the techniques lies in the position of the incisions. For example, with endoscopic surgeries, tiny incisions are made to insert the endoscopic tools. These incisions result in little to no scarring. Dr. Alexis Furze aims to minimize scarring regardless of the type of surgery being performed.

Depending on what type of technique your plastic surgeon uses, he or she may make incisions into the hairline. This can shift the hairline. Some patients may even need hair removed in order for their surgeon to operate in that specific area. For example, when performing a neck lift, incisions are made behind the ear and may cut into the hairline. Some patients may experience hair loss as well due to the stress of surgery. However, it is important to keep in mind that hair does grow back.

For patients concerned about preserving their hairline during facial plastic surgery, speak to your surgeon about what technique they will use and how it will affect your hairline. There is often more than one way to perform a procedure.

If you are considering any type of facial surgery in the near future, be sure to ask your surgeon about potential hairline changes after the surgery. For an appointment with Dr. Furze, call today at 855-907-3223

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