Pre-operative tips


Pre-operative tips

Rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nose surgery, is a highly sought after, yet highly individualized procedure. Rhinoplasty can address several aesthetic concerns related to the appearance of the nose. Often the surgery is performed to smooth out a bump, balance asymmetry, and improve a droopy tip. Because every rhinoplasty is unique to the patient, recovery time may vary. However, Dr. Furze recommends you take a few basic steps to prepare for your surgery in order to accelerate the healing process and increase the chances of a successful rhinoplasty.

Before Surgery

Before your rhinoplasty, Dr. Furze will review your complete medical history, noting any past procedures, illnesses or current medications that may have an impact on your surgery and recovery. During the pre-surgery consultation, he will also discuss your aesthetic goals and take photos. As with any surgery, it is necessary to prepare the body to undergo a rhinoplasty. To minimize risks, you should follow some basic pre-procedural guidelines:

These supplements can be found over the counter at any health food, vitamin, or supplement store. If you have any reactions to these supplements stop them immediately.

Going Home and Rhinoplasty Recovery

Dr. Furze performs rhinoplasty as an outpatient procedure, so typically no overnight stay is necessary. Because general anesthesia or sedation will be administered as part of the surgery, you should arrange to have somebody escort you home and stay with you the first night. Dr. Furze advises that you make some preparations beforehand so that when you return home, you can fully relax.

Things you should have. As you recuperate, it is best to take precautions so that you do not damage the nose. Having certain items on hand is helpful. A partial list includes:

Healing tips. The nose will be bruised and swollen for about a week. After about two weeks, visible signs of surgery will typically fade. However, the nose will continue to settle into its new form for months to come. Help your recovery by following some tips:

Consultation with Dr. Furze, Orange County, CA

A skilled and precise surgeon, Dr. Furze understands the complex nature of a rhinoplasty and has refined his surgical approach so that he can consistently achieve subtle, yet dramatic results. Having performed over thousands of rhinoplasties, he is familiar with the advantages and limitations of the different techniques that can be used to sculpt and reshape the nose. From initial consultation to recovery, Dr. Furze can expertly guide you through the entire surgical process. If you would like to know more about rhinoplasty, contact his office in Orange County, California. Call us at (800) 498-3223 for a complimentary consultation.

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