Everything You Need to Know About Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic Sinusitis

Tired of sinus problems? You’re not alone. It is reported that over 37 million Americans visit their physicians annually seeking relief from sinus infections. Since pollution, smoking, allergens and other irritants contaminate the air, many people experience nasal congestion, irritability, stuffiness and facial pressure caused by sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis causes unbearable discomfort, but there are ways to effectively relieve sinus pressure to help you return to an active lifestyle. Fortunately, by managing sinusitis and destroying the infection, Dr. Alexis Furze decreases the severity and length of symptoms. At his Newport Beach office in Orange County, Dr. Furze proactively addresses sinus related complications through innovative treatment methods and by establishing a sinusitis treatment regimen.

Dr. Alexis Furze is an ENT-Otolaryngologist and double-board certified plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, OC. As a highly trained sinus-expert, Dr. Furze offers personalized treatment plans that reduce the discomfort associated with allergies and sinuses. Through proper diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Furze expertly reduces sinus inflammation and relieves symptoms associated with acute and chronic sinusitis.

What Is Chronic Sinusitis? Normally, your sinus cavities are filled with air that helps filter and moisten the air you breathe. When the holes connecting your nasal passages to the sinuses become blocked (a system of hollow, moist cavities underneath your nose, eyes and cheeks), it causes mucus and fluid to build up and become a breeding ground for a bacterial, fungal or viral infection. Sinusitis is the inflammation of tissues that line your sinus cavities. When symptoms persist for more than 3 months, the condition is known as chronic sinusitis.

Symptoms of Chronic Sinusitis If you experience two of the four primary sinus infection symptoms in conjunction with nasal inflammation, you may be diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. Symptoms include:

Other signs and symptoms of acute sinusitis or chronic sinusitis include:

Causes of Chronic Sinusitis OC top otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Furze, frequently treats patients suffering from sinusitis. Some people are more prone to the uncomfortable condition due to smoking, allergies or medications that weaken the immune system. Sinusitis results from an infection, which can be caused by congestion and blockage of the nasal airway from a cold, a deviated septum or nasal/sinus polyps. When the sinuses are blocked, bacteria and viruses grow and multiply, leading to a painful infection. Fortunately, there are ways to treat and alleviate the irritating side effects associated with chronic sinusitis.

Sinusitis Treatment and Management Goals Sinusitis is responsible for pressure and pain in your head, under your eye and above your cheeks. This disruptive condition can greatly impact your emotional, physical and functional quality of life and often requires intervention with medication or surgery. Leading Orange County ENT, Dr. Furze, aims to destroy the infection in order to lessen the severity and duration of symptoms and to prevent further complications. His proactive solution to chronic sinusitis treatment makes him one of the most sought after otolaryngologists in Southern California.

Diagnosis of Chronic Sinusitis If your symptoms linger, or keep coming back, you might have chronic sinusitis. This complex disorder requires a thorough evaluation by an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist. Dr. Furze will request a CT scan of your nose and sinuses and use an endoscope to examine the nasal cavity. These special tools will help the Newport Beach, Orange County otolaryngologist determine the cause of the blockage and develop a viable treatment plan for sinusitis.

Non-Surgical Treatments For Chronic Sinusitis The best way to combat chronic sinusitis is by keeping the airways moist and clear of irritants. Once diagnosed, chronic sinusitis can be addressed with a combination of natural remedies, medications, and non-invasive techniques. In addition to rest, warm compresses and drinking plenty of fluids, these sinus treatments aim to relieve sinus pressure and clear your sinuses.

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