5 Popular Perks of Facial Fillers

5 Popular Perks of Facial Fillers

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, facial fillers are very popular. In fact, more than 3.4 million filler procedures were performed in 2020 alone.

Facial fillers target some of the effects of aging that start in your skin’s middle layer, the dermis. Choosing an experienced practitioner, such as Alexis Furze, MD, provides you with access to the advanced knowledge of a facial plastic surgeon. The expertise of Dr. Furze, who practices in Newport Beach, California, can’t be matched by boutique spas.

Dr. Furze chooses Juvederm XC® and Restylane® products for his patients. In this blog, Dr. Furze explains why hyaluronic acid is so important in facial fillers and discusses five popular benefits of the fillers he uses. 

The role of hyaluronic acid

Both Juvederm XC and Restylane facial fillers use gels made from synthetic hyaluronic acid proteins. These are proteins that exist throughout your body naturally, playing various roles, particularly when attracting and trapping moisture is an important function.

In your body, hyaluronic acid forms long molecular chains with short lifespans. Dermal fillers need the benefits of hyaluronic acid, but in a stable, long-lasting form. Crosslinking is a chemical process that binds shorter molecular chains together to create a long, stable molecule.

Crosslinked hyaluronic acid makes an excellent base for facial fillers, and both Juvederm XC and Restylane use this technology. By adjusting the amounts of crosslinked proteins, facial fillers have different properties, acting as a palette for creating different anti-aging effects for your appearance. 

Five popular benefits of facial fillers

With this palette of fillers, Dr. Furze and his team select the best formulation to achieve the desired results. Typically, the spreading properties of a filler change between particular product formulas. Some stay close to the injection site, while others spread to blend with other features. Still others work best at adding volume to areas, such as the cheeks and lips.

You benefit from a customizable process, using the filler that matches your needs. Five other benefits of dermal fillers include: 

1. Immediate results

Facial fillers are passive. As they’re placed under your skin, they immediately fill voids or augment volume. While it might be two weeks before you see the full effects of your filler injection, you leave your appointment showing immediate results.

2. Safe treatment

Hyaluronic acid is a common substance that your body already uses. If you have any reaction to treatment, it’s likely to be minor irritation from the needle itself, and this tends to clear overnight. 

3. Long-lasting results

Facial filler treatments can last anywhere from 6-18 months. Several factors play a role, including the filler product and any skin conditions. You may even find that subsequent treatments last longer. 

4. Complements other treatments

You can have a facial filler treatment on its own, but it’s an ideal treatment to combine with other cosmetic procedures, such as Botox® injections.

5. No recovery time

There’s no need to schedule downtime after your filler appointment. You can schedule a lunchtime appointment and return directly to your usual activities.

To learn more about facial fillers and how they may be able to help you, call 949-389-6673 to book an appointment with the practice of Alexis Furze, MD, today.

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