10 Ways To Minimize Post-Surgery Complications


As with any surgery, there is always a risk of complications. Rhinoplasty is a challenging procedure, so it is only natural that post-surgery complications occasionally arise. Although dealing with complications after major surgery can be challenging, there are steps you can take to prevent feeling helpless and to speed up healing.

Do Your Research

Know what to expect after a typical rhinoplasty and prepare for your recovery. Obtain plenty of information from your surgeon about medications as well as post-surgery care to avoid any potential issues.

Prepare For Decreased Physical Activity

After your rhinoplasty, only light activity is recommended for the first few weeks. Keep this in mind and be cautious to avoid any complications due to excessive physical activity.

Don’t Be Too Inactive

Although strenuous physical activity is not recommended after surgery, light activity is strongly encouraged. Becoming too sedentary can have bad effects on both your mental and physical health.

Resume Your Normal Routine

Resuming a normal daily routine is also very important for the healing process. Getting dressed for the day and returning to normal life is a crucial aspect of recovery.

Go Outside

Going for a walk outside can contribute greatly to recovery. Being indoors for weeks at a time is never a good idea and can hinder the healing process. If you are self-conscious about your cast, wear sunglasses or a hat to feel more comfortable in public.

Practice Yoga

Yoga can be very beneficial after surgery. While strenuous routines are not recommended, basic yoga can be a safe alternative to more traditional exercise post-surgery.

Invite Friends Over

Don’t allow your recovery to get you in a slump. Invite friends over for a dinner party or to play board games. Being social will help you become less self-conscious and optimistic about your results.

Document The Healing Process

Keeping a record of your recovery complete with notes indicating any changes in the way you look and feel is very important. At follow up appointments, it is helpful to look back and be able to tell your surgeon if something does not feel right.

Work On Your To-Do List

Being stuck at home can be challenging, but it also has its perks. Use the extra time to get some work done online or take care of any tasks you have been putting off.

Keep An Open Mind

Although you may not be able to take a full-on vacation, recovery should be thought of as a chance to relax. Take it easy and treat yourself to a peaceful break from normal life.

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